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Solutions+ to showcase their sustainability business vertical at COP28

05.12.2023 | 2 min read

Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 2023: Solutions+, a Mubadala company and a leading provider of shared services, will showcase their sustainability business vertical at COP28, encompassing a broad spectrum of initiatives, notably decarbonization services and sustainable procurement.

Solutions+ conducts thorough end-to-end carbon footprint assessments and energy audits for businesses, pinpointing areas of high emissions. The resulting strategies aim to reduce carbon footprints, contributing directly to COP28’s climate change mitigation efforts and aligning with the UAE’s goals for carbon reduction.

On the sustainable procurement front, Solutions+ collaborates closely with clients, optimizing procurement processes to minimize carbon footprints. The company actively identifies environmentally friendly alternatives, reflecting its dedication to fostering sustainable practices within the business community.

Recognizing the increasing global demand for sustainable practices, Solutions+ strategically integrates sustainability into its service portfolio. This strategic move positions the company as a key ally for enterprises and small businesses committed to eco-friendly operations, thereby aligning directly with COP28’s sustainability mission and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.

Nasir Al Nabhani, CEO of Solutions+, emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting the COP28 sustainability agenda: “Aligned with the UAE’s ambitious goals, outlined in Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and in response to COP28’s sustainability agenda, Solutions+ proudly introduces its dedicated sustainability business vertical. As a service entity within our industry, we are strategically positioned to harness these objectives.

“Our strategic move to offer a broad range of sustainability initiatives, including decarbonization services and sustainable procurement, aligns seamlessly with COP28’s mission to address climate change and promote an inclusive global transition. We acknowledge the pivotal role we can play in advancing Abu Dhabi’s journey towards a resilient, integrated and sustainable business environment, reflecting the essence of Vision 2030.”

The Solutions+ kiosk will be located at the Mubadala Pavilion in the Green zone at COP28.